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I’m speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2019

This year’s Microsoft Ignite Call for Speakers was a special one. For the first time, Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) could apply. As a new MCT, I decided to apply when the Call for Speakers for Microsoft Ignite 2019 opened up.
To be honest: I was a bit insecure. It’s such a big event with so many people signing up. But you miss every shot you don’t take… So I went for it and applied for speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2019.
A few weeks later, this very exiting mail landed in my mailbox:

MSIgnite acceptence

I am very happy to announce that I will be speaking at Microsoft Ignite this year.

I have attended the event last year and felt inspired. It is actually one of the reasons I started this blog.
This year, I not only get to go, I get to contribute directly!

I will be giving two theater sessions, both on Monday November 4th 2019:

THR1001 – Automating as a team

If your team works with Infrastructure as Code, PowerShell or other forms of automation, you will have experienced the great power of your coding. It’s all fun and games until one mistake brings down an entire company. In this talk, see examples from the field and how you can improve your team processes to ensure your code is secure, risks are mitigated, and you can work together to produce high quality code.

THR1020 – Deploy a PowerShell function app to Azure while you drink your coffee

With PowerShell function apps in preview, serverless automation is a great new option for all your Azure administration. Getting started is quick, easy, and low cost. In fact, you could deploy your app before you have finished your cup of coffee. During this talk we deploy three different apps in three different ways, so you can choose your favorite and start using it straight away.

Want a sneak preview on this last talk? Take a look at this previous blogpost.

So that’s a lot of fun coming up!
I can’t wait for all the new inspiration at Microsoft Ignite and to meet people. Expect some blog posts to go with it in the near future.

When you are attending Microsoft Ignite, I hope to see you at my sessions. Don’t hesitate to come talk to me or reach out on Twitter to meet.

If you aren’t able to attend…

Can’t make it to Microsoft Ignite? You can still enjoy all the sessions online: Most sessions will be live streamed and the video’s will be made available to watch afterwards.
You are able to login to The Microsoft Ignite site with a Tech Community account and create your own  session schedule.

Want to talk about my sessions or the others? Join the conversation @ the Tech Community:

Also don’t forget to join Twitter with the hashtag #MSIgnite. You can follow me to keep in touch as well, my Twitter handle is @Ba4bes

Microsoft Ignite


  1. Fred

    Great presentation and enjoyed it at the IT-infra day in Maarssen. DevOps as a toolbox for projects.

    Looking forward to see the video and untill next time. Hope to have a change to talk to you.

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