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I’m speaking at WinOps in London

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at WinOps in London. Actually, I am proud to be one of the keynote speakers! I will talk about Azure DevOps and its benefits for the IT Pro

About WinOps


WinOps is the world’s only dedicated conference to ‘DevOps in a Windows World’. This is the 5th edition which will take place at 23th & 24th september 2019 in London. An amazing list of speakers will give talks about DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, Azure, PowerShell and much more. This is all happening on day two. On day one, there will be hands-on technical workshops by Chef, Puppet, Octopus Deploy and Chocolatey.
Want to know more? You can view the sessions from past years on the WinOps Youtube channel.

My Talk: Azure DevOps for the IT Pro

Azure DevOps is a great tool for software development processes and deployment. But what about the IT Pro? In the last year Azure DevOps has been developed into a product that can provide great use for teams of IT Pro’s when working with PowerShell, ARM Templates and Azure Resources. It can take your daily work from a few scripts on your local drive to an enterprise solution that is auditable, secure and well documented.

In this session, we will take a look at the possibilities that Azure DevOps has to offer if you are an IT Pro. We will see the resources for teamwork, the different kind of connections with Azure and the use cases for cloud engineers. With some practical demo’s, real world examples and guidance you will be able to get started yourself right after the session.

Attend WinOps

So would you like to come join WinOps? Awesome! Tickets are available through the website.
You can buy a ticket for the conference day on Tuesday, or a full ticket to join the hands-on workshops on Monday.
I have a discount code to share if you would like to enjoy a 10% discount :-).

Use the code WINOPS10

If you attend, let me know through the comments or Twitter. Hope to see you there!

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